The Sales Diagnostic Process

  • The Sales Diagnostic is a careful review of your sales team and sales cycle that will uncover areas where improvements can be made.
  • The Sales Action Plan will increase the number of qualified leads your sales team finds.
  • The Sales Action Plan will increase the closing percentages of company leads and increase the number of sales per quarter that your salespeople are involved with. The Sales Action Plan review will give you insights as to where and how to direct Sales Training to best effect.
  • The Sales Action Plan will speed the successful launch of new products or services.
  • The Business Planning and Forecasting process will give you a framework to think through large and small decisions and will clarify attainable goals.

Having such a framework will reduce stress and enhance the decision making process. A well thought out business planning process will increase the stability and profitability of your company. A very experienced sales consultant who is also skilled with the Business Planning Process is the right mix of talents and real world skills to increase sales and profits. All of these services are important at any time. They are essential in the midst of an uncertain economy.

Case Studies

Manufacturing and Distribution
Industrial Ventilation Products Company


Challenge: Investors had purchased an old company that imported high quality products from Europe. Sales had dwindled down almost to nothing prior to their purchase but there was a huge installed base of customers.

Solution: A review of the competitive landscape by RBS found...

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